Streaming: what is legal, what is illegal?

After the EUJ ruling in April, many users wondered: what can I stream – and what not? We  explains the legal situation with streaming, geo-blocking or P2P.

It’s a good time to be a serious junkie or a movie buddy: all sellers have exclusive productions, great licenses and more. But how many streaming services can one person actually use and pay for? Fortunately, almost everything is on the net – but what is allowed and what isn’t? We explain the current legal situation.

P2P: often an expensive fun

With programs such as BitTorrent, almost every movie and series can be downloaded from the internet in a very short time. Many football fans now rely on programs such as Sopcast or the TVU player instead of a Sky subscription. Here the live broadcasts of the Bundesliga games are streamed for free from Russian or Chinese sites.

The assumed free entertainment can, however, quickly become an expensive fun because with BitTorrent, Sopcast and similar programs it concerns so-called Peer to Peer software (P2P). In other words, everyone who receives a transmission, at least in part, also offers it to other users in the network. Every user becomes a provider at the same time – and therefore participates in the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. High fines threaten here! A subscription to a paid streaming service is probably cheaper.

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