How To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows Online

Online Streaming : Free content

Streaming involves sending a video or audio using internet to be viewed by a user in real time. The most popular streaming sites are: Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, 123 Movies and others. With streaming, the user need not have to wait to watch the content, it can be viewed immediately as it arrives. All it requires is a high speed internet connection with a reasonably high bandwidth to avoid drop outs. In good olden days, may be during the 90s, watching anything online was not really fun because it was more or less similar to driving in a terrific traffic in a heavy downpour.The reason being slow internet or a less advanced computer. The screen was always showing buffering status and the clarity was compromising.

Thanks to the advancements in the technology for they have travelled a long way since the 90s. In the 20th century the people watching streaming content increased rapidly and hence it gained popularity. An office meeting need not be blamed anymore for missing a match. Unexpected guests are no more a reason to miss their favourite shows. Everything is made available on the internet the same day and the added advantage is it allows to watch the missed and favourite shows with the favourite bunch.

Things required

  1. Laptop
  2. High speed internet connection
  3. Some leisure time
  4. Player

Watching movies or shows requires consumption of data and it depends on the quality of the video.

How to begin with

There are a plethora of websites that offer you movies for free without even having the hassle to download them. Sometimes they doesn’t even require you to sign up and they are more convenient than you can think. There are few more renowned websites which initially offer you for free but after a period of 3 months they may require you to subscribe for their content.

Why online

Either way it’s a good deal as it saves you money. The subscription costs are not going to be too high unlike the prices in the multiplexes. It is not always possible to go out for a movie owing to the busy schedules. Sometimes a friend may drop out or there might be any unforeseen circumstances that would make you feel bitter. You might want to spare yourself from spending a fortune at the multiplex. Or there might be some bad days when you prefer staying back at home watching your favourite show and these websites are the to go places for such solace. Except for a live or a web cast, there is always a possibility to pause or move forward or skip some content.

Steps involved in streaming

Streaming as I said involves compressed file, without compromising the quality. So there are few steps involved.

  1. Reduce the size of the picture : This allows the streamed content to play in a small frame.
  2. Reduce the frame: Frame rate is the speed of the movement of images in a video. Lower frame rate is less images so that you can see the transitions and understand the content.

All this will be done with the help of software’s involving number of factors.

All it requires is a little interest and knowledge about the websites that are offering free content and a reasonably good bandwidth of the internet is going to help you watch your favourite shows at your convenient time in a convenient place and all it takes is a little time of yours to subscribe and sit back to enjoy unlimited streaming.

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