Download movies – it’s free and legal on these platforms

Downloading free movies online usually involves illegal activities. There are quite a few ways to legally download movies. We give you useful tips.

Download and view movies for free and legally

It is legal to download films of which copyright has expired or in which the production companies waive their exploitation rights. Such films can be found on the site legally and for free to download.

Another video platform is Watchbox. Here you can legally play real movies online. Downloads are not possible here without further delay.

Videoload is another provider of free and legal visual material for online viewing. However, you will only find a relatively small number of films here.

Film evening on the laptop: here you can download free and legal films.

Film evening on the laptop: here you can download free and legal films.

Download free videos from YouTube

You can also find a large number of films on the YouTube video platform that you can play. However, it is not immediately possible to download the films here.

There are various tools to download a video for free. For example, you can use the free YouTube downloader.

With this tool you can even download entire playlists without selecting each video individually. Embedded videos can also be downloaded for free.

It is also possible to save the films in different file formats.

Downloading YouTube videos is essentially a private copy, so you don’t have to worry about being prosecuted.

It is different if the current films or series can be found on YouTube. For this you can assume that this has not been uploaded with the permission of the copyright holder.

You can read the exact legal situation in this practical tip.

Watch TV program online

Almost all German TV channels, private or public, now offer their TV programs online.

For example, there are media libraries or website content where you can play content that has already been broadcast online.

With the support of programs it is also possible to download programs that have already been broadcast.

Download programs from online media libraries

The extensive selection of online libraries offers a wide range of programs that can be viewed online. Unfortunately, these broadcasts are usually only available for one week.

With free tools, however, the media libraries are easy to crack.

With our colleagues at CHIP Online you will find the right tool for every online media library and a step-by-step guide for downloading the programs for free.

In order not to lose sight of the multitude of media libraries, there is the free Mediathek View tool. The program shows you the offer of some public broadcasters at a glance, so that you can play it with the free VLC Media Player.

Paid streaming services

Of course, the widest range of films offers online streaming services. Below is a brief overview:

Netflix is ​​probably one of the best known examples. Here you will find in addition to Hollywood series also specially produced by Netflix series.

Amazon Prime is also one of the top providers in the field of streaming. In addition to blockbusters, Amazon Prime also offers exclusively produced series and films.

Sky also offers SkyTicket a wide range of films and series that can be played on request.

Maxdome calls itself “the largest online video library in Germany”. Accordingly, you will also find a variety of films that you can “borrow” cheaply for a unique reputation.

Illegal provider

In addition to many legal providers, there is of course a large illegal range of streaming services.

Therefore, do not visit websites such as movie4k or or download movies there.

There is a high risk of a judicial warning.

To enjoy your movie night, we show you in the following practical tip the amount in which your TV should be hung.